To and From the Royal Courts

An Address to The Noble Lords & Ladies of We Make History...
I thank you for your smiles, your beauty, your grace and many fond memories from my recent Ball.
As our particular mission within The Kingdom continues we not only look fondly back on years of joy in the accomplishment of so grand and lofty an endeavour but also here in the present smile with warmth and satisfaction upon so gracious, so lovely an assembly of noble souls even as we cast our vision forward with faith, hope, love and great expectation of all the good that is yet to come.
We Make History represents more than history and more than the arts - as  wonderfully important as these may be. We Make History represents nobility and aspirations of the highest order, a desire to see people lifted up and moving joyfully forward, good companions together on the high road of life - The King's Highway.
The Presentation of Her Majesty's Attendants, twelve lovely young Ladies of the Royal Court, reminds us all of just how important this mission of We Make History continues to be as we enter this bright new decade
Dominus Rex. Dominus Regnat. Dominus Vobiscum.
Your humble servant,
Lord Scott
Her Majesty The Queen


Lord Scott - Please extend my heart-felt gratitude and kindest affection to her Royal Majesty for hosting another magnificent ball.  May God continue to bless her.  I would not have missed it for the world.  It was nothing short of exquisite.  A special compliment to her Royal Court as well.  The word 'beautiful' does not do them justice.  What a memorable evening it was; oh the magnificence and splendor!





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Come out in winter's depths for our annual Ball which is year upon year the most elegant of all!

Each January "Her Majesty's Ball" is our opportunity for the Lords, Ladies and assembled Nobility of We Make History to shew forth our best manners and best representations of the fashion and formality of the 18th century and other elegant time periods.

Thus, Portrayals from the Georgian and Baroque eras are welcome as well as Regency, Jacobean / Restoration, Elizabethan and Renaissance - and of course modern evening attire.

Complete Novices are every bit as welcome as those with long experience in historic fashion and dance.

The Queen's Court

Twelve of the loveliest young ladies of the Realm were presented to the Assembly as Her Majesty's Royal Attendants for the evening.

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